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I'm sure Flash will continue to survive because it has such a huge impact on media and web interaction. I read some articles on HTML 5 and they are developing ways to draw and animate with vector lines just like Flash. This will be cool because you won't need flash to create simple button animations or crisp custom fonts, etc. The questions is, will the HTML 5 developing programs be as easy to use as Flash when it comes to drawing vector?
It may take a while for these programs to be as flexible as Flash and compatible with all multi-media formats.
Unless Google figures out a way to make their bots scan through flash code, HTML 5 will take over for Search Engine Optimization. Google bots can only scan the CSS & HTML code on each webpage and has to ignore flash formats. The competitive search engine websites have to minimize flash so they can increase their search results.
So if HTML 5 can draw vector images, play audio/video, create interactive media and be optimized for search content... it will take over
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