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It's normal, actually it is a feature. Stanford doesn't want the servers pelted with errored-out partial-credit WUs, so it limits the number of consecutive EUEs. The 24-hour bit is because many donors aren't at their machines all the time. If a setup goes bad for some reason, and it's on a Friday evening for example, and the donor won't have physical access until Monday morning, a ton of bad data will be uploaded until the donor straightens out the situation. It's not good for anyone, and so the client shuts down and tries again in 24 hours.

The results from EUEs aren't worth a whole lot to the science; the data are most often questionable or bad anyhow. They give you partial credit more out of courtesy than anything else, to compensate you for your cycles.

Your box has a problem if you are getting so many EUEs. They aren't normal.

What you should be looking at is why you are having so many bad results. Are you having a heat problem? Is the card overclocked?
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