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Good Point Danrok. The only time (I repeat, ONLY time) I use Photoshop to create photos is when I can't find a photo of something very specific. For example, I had a client who wanted a picture of a Turn of the Century ship in a storm with rain, lightning, and crashing waves. I look online for a long time and found some that were similar but didn't have all of those elements.
So I had to use different pictures of waves, clouds and a boat. Then superimposed them together and used some brushwork to blend them. It wasn't as perfect as a real photo, but you couldn't tell that I copy/paste them together unless I told you.

But I agree completely about using your camera. A lot of people think that purchasing a $2000 camera will automatically create beautiful pictures, but its the artist behind that camera that will learn to use lighting, balance, color and timing to capture the beauty.
That is why I purchased a tri-pod and take it everywhere my camera goes.
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