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(The finished version of the linux GPU2 folding guide. I've tested it on a couple of rigs and can verify it does work. TR, you can move it edit it as you see fit)

Ubuntu/Mint linux 64 bit instructions. 32 bit set up coming soon. Can be used for gentoo, arch and most other distros with some modifications. Under Gentoo you only need to install wine and start from that point in the guide as the rest is already in place. You will need to mask any nvidia-drivers newer than 180.60 to make it happen though. Under Arch you will need to install base-devel and wine.

Make sure you have an updated system with the 180 series nvidia drivers. Can be installed through the package manager. Do not install drivers newer than the 180 series if you plan to run GPU2. They do not work and will only give an UNSTABLE_MACHINE error

Open up a terminal

sudo apt-get install wine build-essential linux-headers-`uname -r`
mkdir -p ~/folding/gpu
cd ~/folding/gpu
Download the from the bottom of this post and move it to ~/folding/gpu
~/ stands for /home/username

Extract the (notice the *, * is used as a wildcard so I am able to execute a command on stuff with long filenames without having to type it all out, you will see a better example a couple of posts down.
unzip cudart*
Download the cuda toolkit
Install the toolkit, Do Not change the default installation location, just hit enter when prompted
sudo sh
Create wine directories
wine notepad
Close the notepad window, we only needed it to put the wine directories in place.

Copy the cudart.dll to the newly created wine directory
cp -a ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/system32/nvcuda.dll
Copy cuda files to lib32 directory
sudo cp -a /usr/local/cuda/lib/* /usr/lib32
Download the windows gpu2 console version
Extract it, notice the wildcard being used to execute a command with minimal typing.
unzip Fold*
Run the following command and happy folding.
nice wine Folding@home-Win32-GPU.exe -verbosity 9 -forcegpu nvidia_g80
If you have to shut it down just hit control+c inside the open terminal, to start it back up. cd ~/folding/gpu and run the nice wine command above.

Special thanks goes out to the many people on that put in a lot of work to make this possible.
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