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OK Cliff, that looks good. I plan to put it up on the front page as soon as Gizmo finishes up some work on the server and I get access to the admin page.

I think I should close this thread and move the code to be the first page of a new sticky in the GPU topic. Are there any objections from anyone to doing that? Most of the existing thread was troubleshooting the code anyhow, and as long as it is finished now, it deserves its own sticky.

I can help support it with you, I've taken a look at it and understand what you have done. My main linux rig is on the 190.36 drivers though. They solved an issue I was having with compiz and I'm reluctant to regress, so I'll make a second setup with Xubuntu/180.xx drivers to help support the install procedure. I should have time next week.
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