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Here are some new individual milestones:

Tim has turned in his 100k as expected.

cw on 600k and counting.

And the mighty SteveI has cashed in 8 figures to go over 10,000,000. Many thanks Steve, say hello if you have some time...

On a team note now, we folded over 3.1 million points in October, breaking 3 million for the first time ever, and it looks like we are in good shape to do the same this month. 3.1 million is waaaayyyy up over September's 2.4 million. It's looking like we have a number of folks to thank but most notably the work of cw823, who has really ramped it up, and dabaerman, who has managed to squeeze out a few extra thousand ppd to set the pace for the rest of us. [And to keep yours truly sweating to keep up ]

If I have failed to mention anyone - feel free to add your own kudos as y'all see fit...
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