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Trouble? You mean like When Windows update started removing my ENTIRE control panel in Win 2000?Forcing me to reinstall dozens of times to learn how to install and update Win 2000 with the loss of functionality ?No I don't see that kind of trouble since I move to Linux...

Look at it this way you live in a windows slum, a track shack built for everyone but owned by Bill and rented to you at what ever the market can bear...

I live in what ever I and my friends can put together with the free Linux tools we are given free for life or can make for ourselves.

I was building a summer home by the way, My Mint mansion on the hill never was a problem, neither was Fedora as you have been repeatedly reminded, I did this for fun, so did those helping me....God only know why you and Bill do the kind of posting you do...":O}

You remind me of the ol" south where the house slave sneers at the field hands, only in this case your a house slave sneering at a free man who is happy to forgo all that selling yourself to Bill has gotten you in order to avoid any incorrect relationships... a corporate slave just so you can play a game?

"Some men are born slaves":O}
"Though all men live in ignorance before mystery,
they need not live in darkness...
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"All that we do is touched by Ocean
Yet we remain on the shore of what we know."
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