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Will pay for code

Now that I have your attention, I will tell say that the topic title is not a hook, I need some 'programming' done. Its not programming as such but doesnt really fit anywhere else. I have a client who owns about 25 restaurants and wants a wireless hotspot in each. Does not want to outsource to anyone else other than me for some bizarre reason. Anywho, I have done some reading, I will be using OpenWRT on Linksys WRT54GL routers, unless someone can convince me otherwise.

What said client wants to prevent tho, is anyone walking in off the street, connecting and browsing. I am currently looking at daloRADIUS so that upon connecting to the wireless network it just redirects guests to a 'payment' page where they must enter a voucher number to proceed.

So in theory, all I need, is daloRADIUS, and say Apache to host the website that users will be redirected to.

If you have gotten this far through my lengthy post I'll assume you are interested.

I need someone to use a linux distro, build it suit, create an image of it so I can download it and 'install' it to my server here that I will run for this project. I will negotiate to whatever the person who can do this feels is fair. There will be follow on work in future, as I do not expect it work perfect forever, and god knows I wont be able to fix it if it goes wrong.

This is probably easy for someone who has a reasable amount of knowledge in Linux.

So ladies and gentleman, who wants to earn some easy money?
AOA Team fah

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