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Originally Posted by MUff1N View Post
Looks like this direct touch cooler will do some serious cooling!
I've already read the review out of curiosity & here's a couple of pics below of what it looks like.
I like the look of the logo on top of the cooler along with the aluminum finned fan! Looks cool...
It's a fairly big cooler so you'll need a case that has a good distance between the mobo & side of the case as it's
a bit over 6" tall.
Indeed! If I have learned anything over the last 4 years, it's that CPC never EVER lead you astray. Their recommendations are pure gold.

If I am to achieve these insane speeds, I must make sure that my cooling setup is top notch. I won't be worried about case size, either. I'll most likely be building it into my Thermaltake Tai Chi anyway, and that has ample space inside.
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