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Originally Posted by chrisbard View Post
Heya PP long time no see bud! Wooping scores ! If I had an SLI mobo I would have gone for SLI I swear

About whats new Daniel gave up on he beeing a chief around here and appointed me in charge of everything. So now everything is cool and relaxed!

The gts250s in SLI is a good price/performance point I think, but as always, I want more. The nice thing about nvidia is I can always upgrade one card and use the other as a Physix processor.

Daniel put you in charge? And the site is still up and running? I'm impressed!

Originally Posted by Daniel ~ View Post
As you can see from Chris' post some things DON'T change! LOL

It's been slow. Though our community remains small, a few cling to what we have created here and others join us when ever they can. Are you still involved with your music Pat?
Well AOA has always been quality over quantity.

I haven't been playing much at all lately, I messed up my finger and it's still not dexterous enough for guitar, unfortunately.
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