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Nvidia Folding!!

Well I am back at the computer desks again. I dusted off my folding jacket and got back to business.

First up my Main System WeldZilla 3 folding with a Nvidia 260GTX
Fans speed set at 55% and my card temp 46C !! Thatts it!

Sytem 2 250GTS folds close to the 260 GTX running fan at 62% temp is steady at 50C !!

System 3 8800GTX about 22% slower than the 250GTS! fan at 90% temp 76C.

System 4 My son Matt's System Mobo P5K Vanilla e8400 Daily at 4050mhz
on air 2 gigs G.Skill 6400 HZ his 8800 Ultra is running fan at 90% and is is about 18% slower than the 250GTS. His will come online folding at night for now as it gets too hot in his room till we fire the central air up.

These Nvidia cards just shred there way through this!! It is incredible!!

My numbers have flown the last couple days. I just put the 8800GTX online this afternoon.

At around $100 dollars the 250GTS is just an incredible buy for folding.

It really games well too.

OK fellow folders here I come

As ACDC said in that great classic song



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