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Originally Posted by MUff1N View Post
I've seen this sooooooooooooooo many times now!
Drive-by postings...
A new person will come in to the forums for just 1 question [post] & never come back again, not even to reply.

So I doubt we'll ever see this person again...
So he don't come back... Thats ok here is a quick answer to his question.
The little Nvidia 250 gts. This card runs between $90 and $125. I put one one in a guest computer. It runs a Q6600 mated with 2gb G.Skill 6400HZ
All residing on a Asus P5K-e Wifi board. It is just an air-coooled guest machine that runs like a top at 3400mhz Daily clock. It plays COD just brilliantly and this little card folds like a Mad Banshee!!. It has been a terrific addition to this system. So there you have it a very good card for a reasonable price.

Good luck and let us know just what it is you are building....
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