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Originally Posted by booman View Post
My friend is trying to install Fedora 12 on his 300 Gig external hard drive.
Currently there is 4 partitions
1. free space 20 Gigs
2. ntfs 20 Gigs
3. ntfs 20 Gigs
4 ntfs 100 Gigs
5 free space 100+ Gigs (whatever is left)
Yeah, none of the distro installers get partitioning right.

When you say "free space", do you mean "no partition" or "a partition with nothing in it"?

In Windows I'd create an NTFS partition in place of (1.), move (2.) to (1.), move (3.) to (2.), delete (3.) so that you have 2x20GB partitions and 120GB or so of free space.

Then restart Fedora's installer. It should handle single contiguous free spaces better than multiple split free spaces.
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