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Linux on an old Dell

My granddaughter got a laptop, so they brought back an old Dell I gave them years ago.
It's maxed out at 512 megs of ram and running XP real slow, so i thought I'd try installing a small Linux distro on it. It only has a cdrom, no dvd drive, so I was a little limited on what I had available to install. My first try was PCLOS 2009, and it wasn't even loading. I tried Mini Me, and same thing. Must be KDE.
So I try Slitaz live cd. It runs quick and smooth. I install and reboot, and it won't find the OS. Re-install, same thing. So Tiny Core live cd. It reminded me why i don't like Tiny Core. Lol I threw the cd in the trash. CrunchBang? Doesn't load the cd.
So, I thought "how about Debian"? Tried Debian Squeeze Net install disc, and it doesn't like it.
So finally, Debian Stable Netinstall. Installs smoothly, Boots fine. Now I'm doing some tweaking. Runs much faster than XP on this machine. So, any Debian fans here? Tweaks or tips?
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