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Tablets and other gadgets

Hello there. I recently went on a bit of a buying spree after watching a review of the 'airphone 4' by a chap on youtube called Ashens.

After much looking around I decided I wanted to try an iclone of some sort. Then shortly after looking around for those I decided I would like a tablet that I could use at work perhaps on my lunch or for when i dont fancy getting out of bed ^^ Only problem is iPads are prettty expensive, even for the non-3g one :<

After avoiding the huge mass of 'epads' on ebay although I was tempted for a short while until i read some comments about the app store not working, and that the manufacturer had told fibs about the processor inside and the mini usb -> ethernet connector is extremly flimsy.

I focused on windows tablets, there weren't many available but I persevered and ordered: 10" N450 MID Multi Touch Tablet PC Windows 7 Laptop on eBay (end time 18-Nov-10 11:41:20 GMT)

edit: if the ebay picture is accurate - should be: /edit

It should arrive tomorrow, It only comes with a trial windows, but I plan on wiping it and putting on a fresh win 7 ultimate to start with and see how the battery lasts out with a hdd. I may look into breaking this open at a later date and upgrading to 2GB ram and/or installing an ssd.

In order to get round the lack of 3g I have aquired a 3 mifi modem thingy, will have a play with it on payg a bit later on.

Does anyone here use a tablet at all? If so which one do you use? any likes/dislikes about them?
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