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Originally Posted by Necorum View Post
Anyone tried these out on their setup?

I get 40-47 fps in endless city. - Get the Most Out of Your GPU
Yea Nec, I checked it out & did some testing using their prescribed OPS [Optimal Playable settings] & some worked well, while others not so much for me anyways.
My definition of optimal playable FPS is close to 60 & not 30 at all as that looks really choppy & laggy to me.

So I make adjustments accordingly to keep the FPS up to or close to 60 FPS with 40 being minimal.

Endless City on my single 470 is 31-40 average FPS.

EVGA GTX 470 SC 37% OC (855/1710/2004) 160.5Gbs
3DMark Vantage: P24352
3DMark 11: P5119

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