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I am wondering if 2 pci-e gpu's @16X are faster than (the same gpu's) 8X for folding or gaming.
then there are vid cards that are only 8X. do they perform better @16X?

I have 2X285GTX@8X (MSI NF750-G55 dual @ 8X) and 2XN9800GT@16X (MSI NF980-G65 dual @ 16X)
and haven't swapped things around to see if there was any difference. when I do make changes, I'll
keep you up to date!

the cold/cool temps here have been a great help with the folding rigs. I'm getting ready for the heat of Summer.
Folding 24/7 with AMD QuadCore CPU's & nVidia Cuda Powered GPU's

AOA Team fah
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