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Hey Booman, here's some pics of the 8800GTS which was the card I was using before I replaced it with the GTX 470 SC.
Attached Thumbnails
GeForce  8800 Uh Oh!-evga-8800gts-320-sc-top.jpg   GeForce  8800 Uh Oh!-evga-8800gts-320-sc-rear.jpg   GeForce  8800 Uh Oh!-evga-8800gts-320-sc-front.jpg   GeForce  8800 Uh Oh!-evga-8800gts-320-sc-back.jpg  

EVGA GTX 470 SC 37% OC (855/1710/2004) 160.5Gbs
3DMark Vantage: P24352
3DMark 11: P5119
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