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Ram Drive under Linux? and another question...?

My other question first, we discussed this a bit in another thread...

Does a swap file on a SSD even make sence? I mean we use a swap file to put the most recently use files on the fastest part of a spinning hard drive...see my question?

This would seem to be a question independent of OS?

OK! Ram Drives! First question, is a RAM drive basically just a massively faster swap file? Ram pretending to be a SSD or mechanical drive?

Is it worth doing if you have the RAM...( and I think I do! ":O} )

How esoteric is this to carry out under Linux?

(If this is going to involve a lot of really really hard cutting only to be followed by a lot of really really hard...pasting,... like to my terminal...could you please say so up front?

It's ChrisBard you see... I worry that he may not be up to the kind of full on frontal satirical attach upon mother Linux, that he ( and at times we) feel it's his duty as our distinguished alternative point of provide for us...his forum brothers...

(even when, and if, sometimes, it may seem, it's only an alternative to reason...common sense and human decency,

it's still a point of view we should all try to welcome like the ungracious bastards we are!

I hope your up for this ChrisBard, we need you at our side, co-piloting the terminal Controls!. ":O}
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