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Mightn't we have a LINUX benchmarking thread as well?

Why compaire apples to whatever that is that Chris Bard uses for OS!

We need a Topic in which CB Doesn't dictate to us which benchmarks we use!!

Chris Bard has even posted a benchmark in YEARS!

We need a topic free of the chains of the past. Where we can begin to establish for ourselves how well or poorly our Linux systems are doing and begin the journey into understanding why.

All improvement begins with a reality check!

We need a topic where we can gather suitable benchmarks and teach each other how to use them properly.

Modern Linux desktops make our hardware enviroment far more knowable than in the past.

It's just a matter of finding and getting to know our tools.

So...this is why I think we should, but is there an interest in this that goes beyond my desire that there should be? Please let me know...

Oh! Chris Bard, please feel free to post, let us know how your doing!
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