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Originally Posted by booman View Post
Do you remember the first time you tried Linux?

I was excited and kinda worried all at the same time.
I couldn't wait to try something different than Winblows, but I wasn't sure how to do anything.
The funny thing is that looking back...the clearest memory I have is fear. I've always been afraid of my software and hardware. I think there are at lest two reasons.
1. I'm poor and hardware and software was very expensive for me.
but the second condition I think was most responsible

2. I have never really known what I am doing.
There is always a vast body of knowledge that I know is there, but just can not reach.

I've always needed far more courage than I should to play with hardware!

For me, this is really hard stuff!!":O}
"Though all men live in ignorance before mystery,
they need not live in darkness...
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