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Originally Posted by ThunderRd View Post
You're getting really lazy now.

Step 1: Google
Step 2: type "clonezilla" in the little box
Step 3: profit

Clonezilla - Downloads

It's quite easy to use. Basically, just accept all the defaults. It will run some sanity checks. The drives will all be identified by their location, size and manufacturer. Choose the target drive and directory for the backup to be saved. Then make a filename for the backup, or use the default filename. Choose the source drive to be imaged. Tell it to image the entire drive (I believe this is the easiest method, for you). A couple of confirmation keystrokes, and you are on your way. Newer versions will also check the integrity of the image, and make sure it is restorable. This is a fairly recent improvement - when I started with it several years ago it did not do these checks.

Restoring an image is pretty much the same thing in reverse. Tell Clonezilla where to look for the image. Choose the image file you want. Choose the target drive and confirm the action.

Remember this is a boot CD. It does not depend on the installed OS. Because of this it can be used on any computer, regardless of the OS. Even Windows
The main thing I would be worried about is accidentally restoring an image when you were trying to backup one.
I always have existing images on my 2nd flash drive and I will want to make a new backup... if you don't read carefully you may backup the wrong partition or restore over the wrong partition.
I try to always use backup/restore disk instead of partition.
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