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I was alone for the longest time, then I joined AOA and have since had cause to hope.

You give me cause to hope Danrok. You make me feel less alone. I suppose in the end, that's why I'm here, So I don't have to face this all alone.

I really don't know what can be done with such a world as ours. But I do know that just by meeting here in civility and reason we advance the cause of human kind.

We made talking about our troubled world possible. If we can talk, we can search for solutions. I've been in so many life situations where talk was not even possible, reason completely unwelcome.

Thanks for reminding me I'm not alone Daniel, that I have friends who feel my pain.
"Though all men live in ignorance before mystery,
they need not live in darkness...
Justice is foundation and Mercy ETERNAL

"All that we do is touched by Ocean
Yet we remain on the shore of what we know."
Richard Wilbur

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