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Originally Posted by danrok View Post
I'm just looking at how feasible it would be to build a totally silent PC. No noise at all, zero decibels.

A "proper" computer with some serious processing power.

This fanless case looks good:
CS-70 Fanless Computer Case

Combined with a fanless CPU cooler, fanless PSU, and SSD drives it could be completely noise free.

Anyone seen anything else that could work?
Gizmo outlined the difficulty.

Gizmo outlined the difficulty.

If you want power, you need cooling and there's no running away from that.

But! I think your in better shape to do this than in the past.

Yesterday while installing a game, I turned off Folding at Home, usually I never turn it off for anything FAH is amazingly well behaved!

But I wanted to see how well my "Adaptable" CPU handled things.

Fun to watch really. All 4 cores stayed above the stock speed of 3.4 and then ramped constantly between 4.6 and 4.8 as needed.

Once the install completed it dropped down to 1.6 Ghz

Most modern motherboards now will run case fan speed on a as needed bases.

I would use case insulation everywhere I could, flat sheets you can cut to fit. But I just can't see a fan-less CPU producing a power box... unless we water cooled.

We've used water cooling to max our chips in the past. But I've never run stock to see what that might be like noise wise...

For power you have to move air out of the box or your dead...

So I'd say you can get a lot closer to what you want than you could have say three years ago... but in the end I think you will either be lacking in power or a touch on the noisy side.
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