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Originally Posted by Aedan View Post
I'm not going to get involved in a "which phone is best" thread, as it'll just turn out like Linux vs Windows or Mac vs PC. I'm also contractually limited to what I can say about BlackBerry devices - crackberry might be a good place to head to for more info.

Things I like about BlackBerry 10:
  • BlackBerry Hub - Unlike the Android device I currently have, I can have a unified inbox. I don't have to have one app for sms/mms, a different app for email, another app for calendar, and a another handful of apps for social network. Instead, it's all neatly in one place, with an "at a glimpse" notification so I can see if I've had new emails or text messages (and how many), as well as being able to peek at whatever's come in. I don't have to quit or open any app to do this, even if an app is full screen.
  • I like the BlackBerry 10 keyboard more than I like Swype on my Android device. Having used a few virtual keyboard the BlackBerry 10 keyboard feels much more intuitive to me.
  • Having BBM video that can handle screensharing is good - too many times I've wanted to share a picture or similar with someone, but had to resort to sending it via another route.
  • A web browser that is more HTML5 compatible than my desktop browser (Seriously - I compared it with IE, Firefox and Chrome in Ringmark). And the browser still offers me flash for those sites that just don't work without it.
  • BlackBerry Remember's integration with Evernote means I can clip websites, emails, photos and synchronize shopping lists with my wife.
  • Compatibility with standards like CalDAV, CardDAV, ActiveSync means that I have no problem with running my BlackBerry 10 device with strong encryption to my own servers.
  • Support for NFC, above and beyond just tags and payment, including the presence of an embedded secure element. For example, I can use my BlackBerry 10 device instead of a RFID tag for unlocking doors - even if the phone is flat.
  • I like BlackBerry Balance, as it means I don't have to carry two phones - I've tended to keep personal stuff off my work phone because there wasn't any separation. Obviously this doesn't count if you've only using the device for personal use.
  • Good screen at a res of 1280x768.
  • It has a team of ppl who's job is to find the holes in it's security.
  • It keeps me employed!
It's good to see you situated in a position you seem to have natural enthusiasm for. This bodes well for Blackberry's future in my book.
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