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Originally Posted by booman View Post
Nope, don't have RAM... but not too fond of making the world more complicated with 64-bit Operating Systems.

Actually my Windows 7 64-bit has no problems playing games.
Well, mostly no problems. Every program installs at: c:\Program Files (x86) for some reason?
Some games don't like a directory with (x86) in the name.
Kinda dumb if you ask me because I can install a game in any directory I want.
As you may recall Boo I run both 32and 64...well I have both installed at least... But really I only use 64 for myself, the 32 is just there to assist others if I may.

I really haven't found any additional trouble with 64 lest now that POL offers me a choice when installing games...

The BIG up for me is F@H...oh so much faster to fold in 64 bit!! ":O}
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