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Goodbye old, hello new

I'm sure most of you remember me talking about my Fedora 8 server for years now...
It still runs great and does its job just fine on my old hardware.

But.... wait for it....

I was given a new(er) server from a friend and I decided to work on it this weekend.

  • 2 QTY Intel Xeon Quad-Core CPU's
  • 4 Gig DDR 2 667 RAM
  • 4 QTY 500 Gig hard drives in RAID 5
  • 1 QTY Terabyte backup drive
  • Dual Power supplies
  • Tower case
  • Lots of fans and room for expansion

This thing rocks in comparison to my old server!

So I started by installing Fedora 18 with Gnome 3. I know, Gnome 3 is a video eater, but I wanted something modern.
And... I love it! I set it back to Gnome 2 and migrated all of my data from the backup Terabyte drive.
Then installed updates
installed fwbackup, wine, samba gui, etc.

Now its running great and I'm ready to start using it in my network.
Not bad for a free server!
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