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Amnesia Fortnight: Double Fine Prototypes

Double Fine released a bunch of prototypes for download (Windows only) called: Amnesia Fortnight
For $10 you get all of these games:

Autonomous Prototype
  • Tron-like FPS
  • Build robots from parts
  • customize each part of the robot

Black Lake Prototype
  • Arcade mystery
  • Tracking with senses

Brazen Prototype
  • cooperative 3rd person action
  • one arena
  • one boss

Costume Quest Prototype
  • Halloween arcade game
  • RPG elements
  • Turn-based action

Hack n' Slash Prototype
  • Zelda-like RPG
  • Quests
  • Hacking

Happy Song Prototype
  • Sandbox music maker
  • monsters play music

Spacebase DF-9 Prototype
  • Strategy
  • Sci-Fi

The White Birch Prototype
  • 3rd person 3D platform
  • trick jumps
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