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Originally Posted by TrevorS View Post
On the subject of page files, I read in the Mint User Manual they recommend a page-file size of 1.5 times the amount of memory. So it appears not to have gone away.
It hasn't gone away, and almost certainly never will. Having virtual memory available can be a Good Thing.

Depending on usage, the recommendation of 1.5 times physical can be a bit.....optimistic. I run systems that pound the hard drives very heavily, and are therefore not allowed to have ANY paging file, because the minute the paging file starts getting hit, the system performance drops through the floor.

For a user system, however, their recommendation is probably ok.

Note that the last time I played with Windows, it wasn't even POSSIBLE to run Windows without at least SOME paging file. I don't know if that is still true or not.
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