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... after burning a 32bit Cinnamon DVD (Pentium4 being 32bit), I booted the Pentium off it and part way through the load Mint 15 crashes. I'll go back and verify the MD5, but I don't normally have any problems with FireFox managed downloads. Perhaps I'll try 14 and see what happens.


Well, well, I'm coming up with an MD5 error on the image file -- having to download again.

Seems the Live install may have been largely successful in that I can select the two leftmost menus and items within them. FireFox ran and verified sound and LAN drivers worked. Video appeared to work except for Youtube videos where the picture was a mess. There was no Software Manager access (the desktop was almost entirely blacked out), but I could nicely step through my LAN and access shared directories including play a video file on my server machine -- for that the video driver worked OK. So, presuming a retry with a good MD5 image file comes up properly, things are promising -- initial impressions are just fine.
Been going crazy with that MD5SUM issue, but it appears the image files are downloading fine, it's when I transfer them to my core/server machine that things go wrong. Finally carried them up via USB flash and that worked fine. Spent a few hours testing Mint image files transfers between the several computers and it's appearing I probably have a LAN switch issue that can crop up during transfers. Download doesn't appear to be a problem. In any case, I did end up with a known goodMD5 Mint/Cinnamon/15 DVD, but it failed in exactly the same way as the previous attempt.

I made a 14.1 DVD and that seemed to go OK (no error messages), but it's light on applications (no video player, no browser), and so I really don't know to what degree it's functional. I was hoping to find a software manager, but no. I'll have to try running 15 Live mode on another machine and see what happens.
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