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Been going crazy with that MD5SUM issue, but it appears the image files are downloading fine, it's when I transfer them to my core/server machine that things go wrong. Finally carried them up via USB flash and that worked fine. Spent a few hours testing Mint image files transfers between the several computers and it's appearing I probably have a LAN switch issue that can crop up during transfers. Download doesn't appear to be a problem.
New Gigibit switch arrived today, swapped it in and no improvement, perhaps even a little worse MD5 performance. Only thing left to conclude is the longer run from the downstairs router to the upstairs switch has issues, but this is the first sign I've ever had of trouble. However, all my wiring is CAT 6 and the longest run is roughly fifty to sixty feet, whereas spec for twisted copper 1000Base-T is 100m. All I can imagine is a problem at one of the two wall connector jacks -- strange !
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