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I've changed a lot of things in my system recently. After setting things up my system is stable except for one anomalty. If I'm typing something and then walk away from the machine when the system comes back on after being in screen blanking mode there's a number "7" apperaing where the cursor is in the text box when the system blanked. The number 7 appears at other times too. I just reinstalled Baldur's Gate (original, I never did finish it) and as I create a character, when I get to the part where you input a name it's like the keyboard is jammed on the 7 key "777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777 77" is all I get, and when I backspace, more 7's fill in the spaces immediately. It won't let me put something else in. And when I play the game it's like the system is jammed with the 7 key pressed (I can't do anything in the game and the character keeps asking me "what?" as if I were constantly hammering a key). The reason I know this is linked to screen blank mode is because if I reboot and play Baldur's Gate before letting the game go into blank mode the "7" things don't happen. It all started once I got my new monitor so I know it's not my vid card, sound card or hard drive, which came later. So.....

what the hell do I do about it???
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