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Question AV software for single core system

Hi everybody! It's been a really long time. Everybody always had good advice here, so I think I've got another good question for you. I know it's obsolete and all that, but I have a single core VIA C7-D 1.8Ghz processor running XP with 2 GB of memory. Overall it works very well, seems stable, and I like to have it because of some design software that I purchased back in the day. Here's where the problem comes in.

The problem occurs whenever I install some type of antivirus software. The processor will often get bogged down and utilized to the point of 100% in task manager. I emailed someone at VIA and they stated the issue is due to it being single core, and the AV software gets prioritized.

I've tried Webroot Secure Anywhere, and it was horrible. It's supposedly able to run on Celeron and K6 according to the system requirements. I seriously can't imagine it on a K6-2. I've also tried F-Prot, and it's better, but still causes momentary hesitation and random cpu spikes even when everything is idle.

So I was wondering what software would you recommend? Are there any products out there today that work on modest single core systems? For what it's worth, I still use AMD Sempron and Turion processors (both single core) and do not notice any of these issues. Could this be a compatibility issue with VIA, and software companies aren't including them?
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