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Need help with Nvidia settings in Mint 17.3

Been away too long again...My health has kept me from many of the things I love.

Try to pull my online life together again. Have given up my office and now work from my bedroom, much less energy involved...yes it's come to that! ":O}

In making the move I needed to give up my desk top monitor and switch over to using my LG 60" TV monitor at 1920X1080.

as this does not quite fit my screen I use the underscan adjustment and everything looks and acts right. until I adjust (enlarge or make smaller) my fonts or reboot then it reverts to 1377X768.

It SEEMS to save to Xfile, but wont keep my settings. LG says this is the preferred setting.

One more thing I'm running my HD though my Denon Receiver, but as they tout its video pass thought to 4K HD I doubt this is causing the problem...but who knows!

As always any help in steadying my settings will be appreciated!
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