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I recall that Daniel ~ was an Epox fan. But I was a bit annoyed as I heard him talking to another Epox fan. He commented that "that's all you have to do" to fix some quirks of a mainboard from Epox.

My point is that who the hell knows these fixes who isn't tapping in to some arcane knowledge pool online that doesn't exist, at least for a regular person who bought an Epox board.

I bought one and sent it back because I didn't have a clue as to what arcane steps were needed to address the problem(s). Not to mention that my Epox board didn't have any of the glitches that the folks leaning over the cauldron of "hubble, bubble toil and trouble" talked about when I went to the AOA party that Daniel ~ very kindly hosted.

That was a great party, we owe a debt of gratitude to Dan for hosting that party.

We even had the head of Epox marketing in the UK here on AOA for quite a while. He was an impressive as well as very nice Member to have.

A big congratulations to you for figuring out how that Epox mobo ticked! Amazing, really.
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