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Your dad's taught you a valuable attitude about fixing things. Good on them.

AOA helped many people with computer problems, that was really it's best feature. It was fascinating reading about the myriad hassles folks had with their machines. I learned a lot from this site. It's most unfortunate that overclocking isn't needed by most people any longer but it's good that CPU's improved so much .

Daniel ~ still overclocks, using liquid cooling. The performance he gets with his main squeeze machine is near unbelievable. A fast i7 run at full tilt boogy is something to see!

I had a neighbor who really helped me learn how PC's ticked. I've forgotten much more than I remember about computers and computering. Seems you have to work with them every day to retain the vast knowledge required. Duuh, if it works don't mess with it. That's my motto. And PC's DO work better than they used to. At least if you're a bit lucky.

Except for those basic, serious security flaws that Intel built in to their procs over the last ten years. Thank you Intel! Unfortunately many more CPU's from many manufacturers, even more than a few AMD's have the same problem.

But that's just fine! Congress just voted to continue un-Constitutional snooping into every one's Net traffic. Including many Democrats, and they wonder why they lost in 2016? We have Massa Bush the Younger to thank for all of those nasty laws against the little guy after 9/11. Plus Obama, he liked a constant proctology exam for everyone as well. The latest ill willed dude in the Honky House says he's against many things that are glaringly wrong about gummint today--but likes them in reality.

Arggh, I do go on.
When the world will be better.
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