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I don't want to sound like a wuss. Had surgery to correct a hernia on Tuesday the 6th of Feb. Duuh why that's this month. It was months overdue, mostly because I had small health problems that made it wise not to cut me open. Also because they didn't care how huge the sucker became. Thanks guys! For some reason my overheated imagination just gave me a picture of a MASH unit!

Freakin' yesterday's narcotics messed up me mind. And my sense of balance, not good! Love the way police tv shows about real cops always have them saying "narcotics" for any suspected drug under the sun. Alfalfa? Oh yeah. Butylated Hydroxoline? Made that one up, using it for years as a generic word for bad things given us by the chemical industry. It doesn't exist, I've looked for it.

Sorry, rambling on. Be very well!
When the world will be better.

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