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Eep, kidney stones. Very unhappy to learn of this! Gizmo--used to be a big poster and a very knowledgeable Member, he moved over to that new place, of course. But I was behind the power curve on making that move. A lot of other things, too. OK, I admit it!

Anyhoo, he had kidney or gall stones--I think it was gall stones. He said they hurt worse than getting shot, and he would know. I think he was fortunate (not) enough to stop three bullets personally speaking during his military career. He was at the very sharp end of things. I think he might prefer that I not say anything about that. If so--my definitely most bad. I chose being an avionics tech and worked in an air conditioned shop. Oh, that old war was tough! Hardly, I was a wuss as far as army jobs go. Yay! All the same there were no front lines in that olde war and we were attacked more than once. Oh, those Booms! in the night. Glorious. Not.

So those gall stones hurt beyond belief for him. Thank goodness that mine were barely noticeable. Funny, the Same Day Surgery staff never heard of the surgeon that removed my gall bladder a little more than a year ago. It wasn't a same day and outta here operation back then. Mebbe that's why? He was a hell of a nice guy, plus he did a great job. Made me suspicious of these new people. And there was no pain afterwards with the bye bye gall bladder procedure. Well, very little.

Guess the hernia was more difficult to fix, and I left the same day jokers in real pain.
Thank you! It's much better now, thankfully. Sheeite, I sure ramble on.
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