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Every 15 mins to the batroom. Arrgh, that's one pita! It's good that you are drinking all of that water, I hope it helps. Great thing about being a vet is the costless or nearly so medical care. Of course you did put your life out there, and believe it or not, you are not supposed to come home. At least that's the Repub view of things, spending money on veterans? Good lord, when there's a golf course that's not green enough? Or spending money for any sort of social care. When all of that dough belongs in my set's pockets? Oh dear, all of those heart attacks and lightning strikes on golf courses. Awful it is. And the VA slowly gets worse. Naturally.

That looks like a very nice Vidcard! Sure hope you really like it! Sone a beetch, I can't remember what video card I put in my latest mosheen. Had all the parts written down, but lost the list. How typical is that for me? Very!
Used to be a prog that made a list of all of your major components. But I can't remember it's name, plus it was a program fer Winders.
Looks like a neoto card, enjoy!
When the world will be better.

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