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New rigs are so nice to contemplate. And so freakin' espensivo to actually acquire. I tell ya, it's always something!

I used to only use power supplies from PC Power and Cooling. Showsa, were they costly. Pretty sure they've been bought out. Their old brand is now impossible to buy, so I must settle on what looks really good from those retail component money grabbers.
But can I trust them?

Natural like, accommodating Linux is now needed. At least you are far better off rolling yer own box. And that's the truth.

Yes sir, gluteny is required for a good hobby. Glad that the stuff doesn't seem to bother my digestive sitch. Oh, but it was fashionable that it did for a while. Boo, you nuts. I didn't fall for that horsefeathers.

Yes, "mosheen" is most kosher. In my tiny book at least. Seriously doubt that any rabbi has passed judgment on the word's use. They are busy with more important issues. Hopefully!

Shucks, can't stretch out this reply to your last post any longer. Whew?
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