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Dash it all, seems that I'm too serious for my own good. And how! It seems that I'm not sophisticated enough to pull off being a cynic. What sophistry! I dunno what "sophistry" means, just always wanted to use the word.

It's the same "Jane" but only Chevy Chase addressed her in that rude manner. Not a Chevy fan, btw. Not often really funny and too much of a smug rich boy, imho.

However I must admit that he was very good in National Lampoon's "Vacation." "Holiday Ro-ooo-oo-oo-oo-o- etc. road," to jog your memory. Not the second "Vacation." Ooh, I'm SUCH a critic.

Hope you are doing very well, thank you for the post here in old phart's land!
When the world will be better.
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