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Reference Ford? Sorry, don't know which Ford you mean. Apologies. Nay, nay, nay I'm a wee sprat of sixty eight. Daniel ~ just turned seventy. I guess old phartedness is a state of mind.

My parents are long dead. Personally, in my case a long life might be wasting space on this unfortunate planet. Psst, don't tell any one I said that, please.

Somewhat loathe to admit it but I'm definitely not a fan of John Wayne's. Too many dead Marines probably believed his horsepockey. I was told by a participant in the Pacific theater(don'cha just love those "theaters?") that they actually told Marine recruits in the Pacific zone of WWII that Japanese bullets couldn't hurt them?

Did you know that a former Viet Cong(as we ignorant Americans used to say. Oops, still say.) was interviewed long after that war and had this to say about the American soldiers he once fought? "Very big. Very brave. And very stupid."

Did we pick up the clue phone regarding that stupidity?
Heyell no, we're proud to be Americans!

Sorry, yet another rant from one stupid American.
When the world will be better.
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