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Im about to go watercooled myself
After months (literally) of messing about and testing ive decided on what i want, and more importantly what I can afford.

If you allready have all your parts then deciding on where to put everything should be fairly simple.
Find a spare afternoon unplugg your PC put it on the table and try to fit in your radiator and pump whyle getting decent airflow.

If you cant manage it you have two options.

1- Get the hacksaw/ dremel out and make some room.

2- Give up on keeping it all in the case and put something outside, in most cases the radiator will be better externally.

I originally planned on a fully enclosed system within my case. although it would have all fitted I decided that an external system would be easyer to use and maintain.

You dont need a resevoire all you need is a bleed pipe to fill the system through and to allow air to escape, put a T peice in your system and make the end of the hose coming off the highest point in your systen and your sorted. If you look at a few closed loop systems you will understand what I mean.

Good luck, keep us informed.
Pics would be nice.
No longer Epox Tech.

Best of luck in the future all my friends.
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