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Re: Is 80c/176f a good temp level for a temperature warning light for HDD?

Originally posted by Azriel
UW 7200 RPM Seagate Damn hot SCSI drives. I have 7 in an external case as a raid array. I want to add warning lights to the front of the case to let me know if the drive cooler on the bottom of the drives has had a fan failure. Good temp for a thermal switch, or should I go higher?

(The switch only lights the LED. It does not shut down the drive.)
I work on the basis that over 50C is at serious risk of doing damage. 80C and you might find you've already toasted electronics.

Just as a example, a Seagate SCSI drive is spec'd for continous operation from 5C to 55C. The maximum case temperature is allowed to go to 60C for SHORT periods of time only. Above that, and Seagate say that "Continous operation at the elevated tempearture will reduced produce reliablity."

55C seems to be pretty universal in terms of maximum temperatures.

If the drives are going to run unattended, then just an LED is no good.

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