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Originally had the SK6 on a 1.33 tbird on a 8K7A at 1.5 gig, 1.9 V. Would average 45C under load, but that was with half a dozen case fans. Ambient room temps at about 24 C. Was using a 42 cfm 80 mm fan I had wired on directly to the SK6. No adapter.

Recently purchased an Asus A7V333 with a 1700+, the Asus reads much higher temps, was in the mid to high 50's with the SK6 on, not overclocked. Decided, had enough of the old full tower case, and lots of fans, picked up a Lian Li case and rebuilt the whole rig.

Currently running;
Unlocked 1700+ running at 9X172FSB 1549 Mghz. Idle 53/57C Loaded , Voltage of 1.80, though MBM is 1.87
AX-7 heatsink with YS Tech 80 mm fan, variable speed turned down to about 2900 rpm
512 meg Samsung PC2700 on Asus A7V333, 2,2,2,6,1T
40 gig Maxtor ATA 133
GF3 Ti200 vid card
Lite On 24X CDRW
Pioneer Slot DVD drive

Also, the Asus temps read higher, supposedly due to reading actual core temp, rather than from an 'in socket' thermistor. Makes sense I guess. Though Asus has always been notorious for higher temp readings.

Sandra memory benchmark is 2432/2239 :-D


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