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Well, as far as budget....My first kit was about $200. Adding cost of case cooling, and other minor modifications to the system, it's up to about $300. But I tend to consider it an ongoing proect. Part of why mine was so expensive, was because I bought a custom kit from Dangerden. I have read in various places that kits are a good way to start for beginners and with the customization ability at DD, it seemed like a good fit. As far as kit quality? Well I love my set up, and I think that quality of the system only depends on sum of its parts. The parts I got with my kit are as good as any you will be able to find building your own (this was before tygon was readily available - I'm still on silicone tubing). I think that if you lurk around the forums (look through some old posts, or do a search) you'll find out what parts are good for water cooling. As far as guides? Check out Tom's Hardware , , or HardOCP .
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