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Lian Li PC-70 + Pelt + PSU

I am interested in getting the following, once I have money for it (About a month, give or take a week).

Noblesse - $73 - Linkage Or Lian Li PC-70 - $200 - Linkage
300W 1U PSU - $102USD - Linkage
226W TEC Unit (2nd item on page) - $38 - Linkage
TEC PSU (1st item on page) - $119 - Linkage
Case Handles - $10 - Linkage
Case Window Applique (Radiation) - $10 - Linkage

The reason for that special 1U PSU is so that both the PSU's can stack together in the back, with room to spare.

Once final question: Does anyone have the Noblesse case or the Lian Li PC-70? If so, how do you like them?
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