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Bladerunner is truly the Yoda of watercooling.

Bladerunner is selling me one of his video cards and I am honored to own a piece of hardware from the master of watercooling.

Here's his website, Zero Fan Zone

PS I have to pace myself as this is my second post this year here.....Pinky, that hooligan was insinuating that I was post padding last year and we can't have that now can we.

P4 3.2
MCX159Mrb w/10,500rpm counter-rotating fan
Xtreme Tek Werkz Typhoon waterblock
Maze4 GPU Waterblock
Pc Power & Cooling PSU
1Gig Mushin Promo build 2-2-2
9800 pro w/ silversink ramsinks
WD Raptors
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