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Out the window

Helping me to a good answer will prevent a crash, the crash of my machine going out the window. I now have enough burnable cd's to backup my system before my reinstall but I want to get everything file by file onto my backup cd's, not just one big compressed special file. How do I do that? the backup utility that comes with windows won't let me use my RW as a backup device and only gives me the option of putting everything into one big file still on c: drive. The os is 98fe. I don't want to spend the next two days picking through files to try to get everything once and only once over a series of 8 cds. Anyone know a dos prompt command that'll let me copy to the cd's one at a time and instead of ending with "insufficient space on destination drive" at the end of the first cd it'll let me pop that cd out and put in an empty one? My burner software keeps crashing when I try to copy anything. I'm gonna start crashing soon! (note the smile of desperate insanity) Crashing computers through windows onto streets below!!!
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