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MONKEYMAN 21st May, 2005 08:02 AM

corsair xms3500
I have had a bit of problem with memory recently(due to lack of funds and just making bad choices).
I swapped some corsair xms3500 rev1.1 with my m8 a year ago and was wondering is it worth swapping it back?(he is using it with an athlon at ddr333), is it any better? at the time i didnt overclock much.

whatever 22nd May, 2005 10:15 PM

the corsair xms pc3500 v1.1 is winbond bh-5, which is a good chip. you should take an advantage of it.. with a bit of voltage tight timings can easily be attained.

my ol' pc3500 v1.1 doesn't like voltages above 3.1v, but is good upto 240mhz cas2-2-2.

muzz 24th May, 2005 08:49 PM

I'd take the XMS3500 myself.
I own 2x256 myself.
BH-5, high voltage loving chips, but mine ran 230-240(depending on the mobo) Dual channel at 5-2-2-2@ 2.9-3.1 Vdimm on NF2 platform ( 4 boards).
They do 270+ at tight timings on my DFI NF4 board at 3.7+ vdimm ( have done 280 at 3.85 volts)

I wouldn't even think about it either, as IMO there is no comparison there.

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